News + Essay Forthcoming in Guernica

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1. My Longreads essay, Fat Girl Cries Herself To Sleep At Night, was chosen as a Notable in Best American Essays 2019, published in October.

2. I received a fellowship from Tin House for the Craft Intensive in CNF w/ T Kira Madden in November.

3. I was chosen as a Desert Nights, Rising Stars Writers Conference Fellow (at ASU).

4. My Brevity essay Snowbound will be republished by Creative Nonfiction, in the Sunday Shorts series, in Dec 2019.

5. My essay Betty, about my father’s affair, and using the party line to meet men in my teens, will be published in my dream journal, Guernica.

More news…

15208494-a-black-and-white-version-of-a-vintage-style-portrait-of-a-woman-eating1. I was admitted to Tin House Summer Workshop in CNF with Michelle Tea. There were 2,000 apps this summer so it feels good. 😀

2. I had a piece of fiction picked up by The Offing which will be published June 4th. It’s a weird/sexy little thing about a woman who gets paid to let people eat food off of her body.

3. Another essay going into my collection–about facesitting/smothering, BBW fetishes, and large/powerful women in art history and pop culture–was just accepted by Catapult.

4. Finally, my Longreads essay, Fat Girl Cries Herself To Sleep At Night, got a little special recognition that I can’t share publicly just yet. I will def share when I can!

Love y’all and thanks for stopping by.

Updates + Essay Forthcoming in Brevity

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Hey, I don’t post here enough. Life gets in the way. But mostly anxiety and self-loathing do. Anyway, here’s what’s going on since I last posted:

  1. I just had a little essay picked up by Brevity, about being first in my family to graduate high school and then attend Northwestern.
  2. I celebrated a year of sobriety! (Not my first rodeo, but hopefully my last)
  3. I went to the Tin House Winter Workshop in CNF and worked with Hanif Abdurraqib. It was a beautiful weekend, and I fell in love with the PNW.
  4. Ever since my Longreads essay came out last October, literary agents have been reaching out to talk about my essay collection. It’s a dark humor book (sort of like David Sedaris but, like, darker, fatter, broker, and Latina). I’m still trying to figure this process out. If you have tips, please slide into my DMs.
  5. My love life is still a mess. And dudes still sometimes ask to pay me to smother them (see Urban Dictionary smother)