More news…

15208494-a-black-and-white-version-of-a-vintage-style-portrait-of-a-woman-eating1. I was admitted to Tin House Summer Workshop in CNF with Michelle Tea. There were 2,000 apps this summer so it feels good. 😀

2. I had a piece of fiction picked up by The Offing which will be published June 4th. It’s a weird/sexy little thing about a woman who gets paid to let people eat food off of her body.

3. Another essay going into my collection–about facesitting/smothering, BBW fetishes, and large/powerful women in art history and pop culture–was just accepted by Catapult.

4. Finally, my Longreads essay, Fat Girl Cries Herself To Sleep At Night, got a little special recognition that I can’t share publicly just yet. I will def share when I can!

Love y’all and thanks for stopping by.

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